Grade & Progress Tracking

"Growing up in my home at times was a big pain. Why? Because my dad always made me take responsibility for everything in my life." - Sean Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
A parent is always struggling with ways to get their children to listen, take responsibility, and be helpful. I know this like I know how to drink water. You can do it but sometimes it isn't very graceful. Sigh... 
As a homeschool parent of three, I can honestly tell you we have struggled and struggled some more- trying to get our kids to keep track of their work. It literally blows my mind how my teenage son still manages to misplace assignments. Y'all...I'm not even kidding. 
During one of my down moments, like most moms, I was scrolling through facebook when I found a post about logging grades, stopped, and checked out why this one would be so different. We have tried planners, fancy ones at that, interactive stickers, and cute stamps..all to get the kids to keep track of their work. I know I don't have to tell you how imperative it is, that our homeschoolers be able to work on their own a little right?! 

We need a tool! A smart, time tested but simple way for our children to help us help them. 
 I took a concept that inspired me and designed this simple, yet effective Logbook for each child to use. It is customizable, designable, and puts the responsibility on them everyday, each week, of your school year. It even has a page for YOU, Mom or Dad, to check off where you've been looking too. 
What I think you'll love about these printable books, is the Simplicity as well as the Ability to add more! We are in the day and age where being able to customize an item so it meets our needs better is a driving force behind our productive lives. With this logbook, you can implement a chore chart or reward system, a reading log, reports, and so on! In fact, I've created a FREE Reading Log - Bullet Journal Style, for all of my readers to download! 
Here's how the Logbook works.. 
  1. Print out your selected book
  2. Copy as many weekly pages as needed for your school year
  3. You'll need to copy the monthly tab page a few times to fit over 10-12 weekly pages. 
  4. Assembly directions are graphically included for your convenience. 
  5. Punch & Bind your book. 
Your child will independently be able to enter their initials, checkmark, or grade as they complete each task. If you didn't do one thing on a certain day, simply x that box out. This book will work for K-12 grades, or even adults if looking for a streamlined way to keep track of tasks!

                                         What's Included: 
                  You'll get a Cover Page, a Keeping Track Page for Yearly Overview, Assignment Pages, Daily Schedule Page (with blanks so you can fill it in), and a Monthly Tab Page. We recommend choosing card stock for your front and back of the book. The order you assemble it, is kind of your preference other than the assignment pages with 
                 monthly tab. 

If you don't see a design that matches your needs, email me, and I'll try to create one for your child. 
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions, please let me know! I'd love to hear how our blog or products are being used! 
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