About Us


I'm Kira; a mom of three amazing kids, homeschooler, jack of all trades creator, book lover, and Licensed Esthetician/Instructor.  I began our homeschooling journey many years after having kids and used my prior experience in the teaching arena to further our studies. I'm fueled by my desire to share everything I can with those I care about. 

My blog and shop was born from this love of education. If I could go back in time and teach my own children through a Charlotte Mason method or use Montessori methods in play, I totally would. Alas, my children are a little older than that now which directs me to create materials for all ages. 

In our home, we primarily use a Christian based curriculum and supplement where needed. We enjoy supporting other small homeschool family businesses too! I am always impressed by the simplistic beauty of natural learning and have found that nature itself is a provider of many things. I hope that you not only read a bit on my blog, but also visit our shop!

With Gratitude,