Hygge, The Art of Winter Peace

It was just a couple of seasons ago that I had heard of this word...hygge. It was plastered on tiny books surrounded by tea cups and fuzzy blankets, in the holiday section at Barnes & Noble. I was intrigued.  I promise you, my brain always wants to say 'hi ge' but it's actually pronounced 'Hoogah'. It means a level of coziness and comfort that promotes well-being. 

As we all know, the holiday season can get a bit stressful. It's such a magical time though. As educators or involved parents, we feel this is a perfect time to teach our children about the season, what it means to us culturally, spiritually, and we want them to have fun. The season is all too short lived.  For some reason the winter doesn't last long if you're below the mid 48 line, the stores are ready to deplete holiday items the day of Christmas, and then we rush into the new year. 

Why? Now...aside from this year, because it has overstayed it's welcome.. why do we rush past Christmas? Why do all of the fun wintery lessons stop in December? We still have January & February to study nature, arctic animals, brave discoveries in the north, test recipes, and so much more. 

We should focus on bringing in meaningful learning during the calm times. I'm not talking about ELA & Math either. I'm talking..the ultimate brain break. Child-led, strewn books, purposeful crafts, and feeling joy in what we make together, mom or dad and child. 

I am honored to be a part of a group of small shops gathering & creating fun and low stress activities to be enjoyed all winter long. I hope that it reaches into the hearts and minds of parents and children alike to truly enjoy this season in a calm and cozy way.