A Winter Book Study

It is Winter, and that means finding a story to read that encompasses the season! My daughter is older now, so the pretty storybooks are a little short for her and we needed a chapter book! 

In comes The Sea in Winter by Christine Day. This story is about a 12 year old girl who has a loving family, an indigenous background, and ballet dreams. But it's also about real hardship, hurt, and managing feelings. I was in awe of way these moments were captured in the story because it really felt like I was dealing with one of my own children. I think talking about these emotions and setbacks is certainly a positive and empowering lesson young girls can heed today! 

The Sea in Winter by Christine Day

If you're looking to explore this book in further depth, I've got a wonderful Book Study I created for The Sea in Winter. It's material is geared for ages 8-12! 

The Sea in Winter Book Study by Willow & Owl

And of course, if you're wanting to dive deeper than a whale in the culture and background of this character's story, check out these amazing resources I picked out below! 

For Makah History & Stories: 

Clamshell Boy- A Makah Legend

Written in Stone

A Whale Hunt

The Makah

Raven, A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest


For Indigenous Projects & Whale Fun: 

Whales, an Illustrated Celebration

Twined Basket Kit

Coiled Basket Kit

Carving Blocks

Indian Basket Weaving


Mental Health Resources: 

The Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids

Mindfulness Activity Cards

Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids