Asia Unit Study

Nothing makes you want to travel more than a pandemic. I can't tell you how many Facebook virtual tours I keep claiming interest in but then forget to tune in to watch, but it is a cycle I'm determined to stop.

In our homeschool this past year, it has also been a wonky loop of 'heavy studying' to 'I don't care what we do today' mentality. Consider us officially Unschooled (it only took 4 years of homeschooling to get here).  We happily put clean pajamas on and lounge around on some days while other days we try to clean off our nice desks and attempt to look like teacher and student. The one thing that is always steady is our beloved bookshelves. 

This month, I decided to finally combine all of our Asia resources and attempt a free range unit study.  You're probably wondering what I mean by that. Some call it strewing. Some call it child-led.  I'm really all about my kids taking initiative.  It also makes it a little harder to have a structured unit study when I leave to teach adults two days a week. So we do the best that we can do. 

Alright, enough about us. Here are the resources we put together for a very large hands-on, do at your own pace, Unit Study.




We also broke out the Asia Unit Study Book from Gather 'Round Homeschool for stories, recipes, and lessons. This would be really great if you had a lot of time to devote to a schedule. 

How can you break these down into mini units? 

Learn about Paper Making~ Cai Lun and the Paper Making Kit

Learn Chinese- Let's Learn Mandarin CD's and Beginner's Chinese Calligraphy with paper and ink! 

Learn about Cultural Food- Magic Ramen Book with a pack of Ramen and chopsticks and the Sushi Go! Game.

Learn about the Dragon Festival or Chinese New Year- Awakening The Dragon and the Dragon craft from my China Activity pack

Learn about Panda's and their habitat- Pandas Book and Yunnan Forest Game, Takenoko Game and the Bamboo Anatomy Pack from my shop. 


For more great ideas about China, or Ancient Asia, check out my whole Amazon Idea List

There are so many fun topics to cover in Asia. We are really enjoying it and hope you find our resources useful too! 

Check out our very own Asia Resources in our Shop HERE and HERE

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