Ireland and St. Patricks' Day

It's all about the Irish!

 I have to say since we began using Morning Baskets, each month is like a new fun filled surprise for the kids! Even I get excited to dive into our theme of stories and games! 
For March, we decided to jump into Ireland, Folktales, Fairies, and Leprechauns!  It's a great time to incorporate these in with the St. Patrick's Day holiday. 
Our Morning Basket is filled with green!!! I always love putting together our stories with a common theme, and we build on to other Morning Basket Plans as well. If you're doing a unit study on Medieval Times, highlighting Ireland and it's Folklore fits right in! 

Book List


Our Fun & Games This Month include: 

Story Cubes Voyages (ELA & Imagination)
Cardline Globetrotters (Trivia, Geography)
Clover Leap  (Vocabulary)
Our very own St. Patrick Peg Doll..check the shop section!
I always love finding new things to add to our old studies or favorite topics! If you have a resource you use with this theme, please reach out and share!