Unit Study Ideas for Spring

Spring is almost upon us and in my opinion is one of the best times of year to do Unit Studies! The children are wanting to be outside more, their attention span is shortening by the day, and there are so many good choices for units right now! 

So what kinds of things are there to do units on?? Well...If I had a list, it would rival a CVS receipt. No lie. Right off the bat, you think about Spring Holidays,  Mardi Gras, St. Patricks Day, & Easter fill February through April. But do you want to really spend a whole month learning about one holiday?? No, not really. 
My next go-to is to think about what we usually do in the spring. Gardening, Farming, Nature studies, Animals are having babies... there is a lot of new birth in the spring, so this is a great time to choose something in that realm.

For March, Our focus was/is a cultural one. We took St. Patricks day and expanded it to all of Ireland and Irish lore. Fairies, Gnomes, and things like that kept the kids interested. 

For April, I came up with these topics- 
1) One week of Easter
2) One week of England (in honor of our daughter being born there and it's her birthday month)
3) Gardening 
4) The rest of the month is Farming - to learn more about - the farming country, what is grown here etc.

If you'd like to see our resources, check below for links and ideas!


Easter resources have been shared on my Facebook Page @Under The Willow Tree! There weren't many, but it was easy to do there!

One Week England Study

The kids wanted to learn about the UK and have tea and scones! How could I say no to that! 

London Brainbox Game
Book of Afternoon Tea
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain (Barnes & Noble)
My Busy Books London (Barnes & Noble)

Farming & Gardening Study

We have a lot of nature around us, and that means learning the plants for safety. Knowing there is poisonous things growing with edible things as well is very important. And we are trying our best to get a garden going! 

Foraging With Kids
Farmer Boy
Let's Hatch Chicks
Chicken 4D Model
From Cotton to T-Shirt 
Cotton Education Kit 
To The Coop!
Cow Cents


New Ideas for 2021: 

Arthropods- Check out my Idea List Here

Bees- All You will ever need to learn about Bees!

Birds- Fantastic Resources for your next Unit Study!

Trees & Plants- Get Grubby with this awesome ideas

This is what we have so far. I've been trying to scale back our layout to allow time to do other projects and things too.