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Long before I began our homeschooling journey, I decided to choose a career path that could not only help me, but my children, family, friends, and potentially others. I went back to school to learn about skin.

Everything I thought I knew growing up was discarded and replaced by a new knowledge and understanding that I love sharing about today. In fact, it's my job. I now teach where I went to school and continue to support my clients, friends, and family with great information and skincare! 

Getting great skin isn't about using expensive skincare products, it isn't about luxury facials with gold flakes (although those are quite fun), and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. If you're reading this, you are possibly a Mom or Dad who was intrigued for a few minutes and Thank You for getting this far, it means to me, that you might have a need. So how can I help you? 

I offer Free Consultations and Recommendations. I'm not your average Skin Therapist. I'm not a Salesperson. I'm the one that will get personal, into your health, into your medical history and really determine what's going on to truly help you. I've never prescribed a blanket skincare product list to anyone. So, if you'd like to know more, see the below links to find out more about my services! 

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